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Magazines & Catalogs

About This Project

DO NOT try to save a few bucks on the design of your magazine or catalog. Your cover will be the most important part of your overall design. A well-designed cover can get your magazine/catalog noticed and even more importantly, picked up! Therefore, designing your publication professionally and esthetically is crucial and where we thrive at making sure that it takes place.

From choosing images that are interesting to your potential readers or which tells a story as well as the color scheme, font choice and other graphical elements will make a positive impact. Showing the unexcited face of an unknown person will not do much to get the potential customer to reach for your magazine/catalog. Choose a photo that is recognizable to your target readers or shows action, unusual colors, taken from unusual angles, or combinations of all these. These are only some important aspects of the design that will be discussed and decided from our expertise.

You have invested a great deal of time, money and effort to make your product or service the best out there. Now as we work together, let’s make sure that the creative aspect of presenting your product or service makes an impact “at first sight” with potential clients. Keep in mind – a picture is worth a thousand words. You will be shouting from a well designed publication that will make an impact on all those who will see it.

By the way...

Remember to never shy away from a professionally designed brochure because of cost. When done well, the return you receive will far outweigh the money you invest in growing your business.

Your magazine only gets one chance to make its first impression. Photos and relevant texts are powerful in making a good first impression. Let us make sure you grab their attention right away!

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